24V 375W Worm Geared DC Motor High Torque Low Speed DC Geared Motor

24V 375W Worm Geared DC Motor High Torque Low Speed DC Geared Motor

ZYT Collection PM DC Motor with worm gear 

1. Summery

   ZYT Sequence PM DC Motor is utilised with Ferrite PM magnet, clouse and self-cooling. It is employed for pushed factor in any products technique.


two. Power Variety

a. 55ZYT Series: 20W-199W, 1500RPM 3000RPM 6000RPM ect, 24V 48V 110V 220V ect.

b. 70ZYT Collection: 50W-250W,1500RPM 3000RPM 6000RPM 9500RPM ect,24V 48V 110V 220V ect.

c. 110ZYT Collection: 123W-700W,1500RPM 3000RPM,24V 48V 110V 220V and many others.

d. 310ZYT Sequence: 400W-1200W,1500RPM 3000RPM,24V 48V 110V 220V and so forth.

e. 168ZYT Sequence:1100W-1500W,1500RPM 3000RPM,24V 36V 48V 60V etc.


3. Mounting Product

 a. Housing Mounting: A5(single shaft extension),AA5(double shaft extension) and body No,(fifty five-130).

 b. Flange Mounting:A3(solitary shaft extension),AA3(double shaft extension) and body No,(fifty five-a hundred thirty).

 c. Foot Mounting: A1(solitary shaft extension),AA1(double shaft extension) and body No,(90-a hundred thirty).


4. Use

 a. No more than 4000m earlier mentioned sea level.

 b. Ambient temperature:-2540.

 c. Relative humidity ≤95%(at +twenty five).

 d. The followed temperature rise: no much more than 75K(when 1000m previously mentioned sea degree).


5. CZPT Data

 The adhering to info adjustments inside of range relying on exact model,consumer can refer to them when generating assortment.

one. 55ZYZT01-55ZYZ10: fifty five.7-sixty three.7(mN.m), 3000-6000(r/min), twenty-35(W), 24-a hundred and ten(V), one.5-3.2A

2. 55ZYZT51-55ZYZ76: ninety two.3-127.4(mN.m), 1500-10000(r/min), twenty-199(W), 24-a hundred and ten(V), .27-three.45A

3. 55ZYZT101-55ZYZ105: 76.4-108.2(mN.m), 7500-15000(r/min), eighty five-120(W), 24-110(V), 1.2-seven.5A

four. 70ZYZT01-70ZYZ21: 95.5-191(mN.m), 2000-6000(r/min), thirty-85(W), 24-220(V), .two-4.8A

5. 70ZYZT51-55ZYZ110: 191.1-573(mN.m), 1500-9000(r/min), 50-148(W), 24-one hundred ten(V), .95-37.five

six. 90ZYZT01-90ZYZ55: 294-510(mN.m), 1500-3000(r/min), twenty-150(W), 24-220(V), .55-2A

7. 90ZYZT101-90ZYZ108: 733-796(mN.m), 1500-3000(r/min), one hundred-230(W), 24-220(V), .8-six.five

8. 110ZYZT01-110ZYZ55: 637-1177(mN.m), 1500-3000(r/min), 185-308(W), 24-220(V), .9-12.5A

nine. 110ZYZT101-110ZYZ156: 1274-2230(mN.m), 1500-3000(r/min), 245-seven-hundred(W), 24-220(V), 1.5-45A

10. 130ZYZT01-130ZYZ55: 2548-3185(mN.m), 1500-3000(r/min), four hundred-1000(W), 24-220(V), 4.five-28A

11. 130ZYZT55-55ZYZ106: 3185-3822(mN.m), 1500-3000(r/min), 600-1200(W), 24-220(V), three.5-55A


24V 375W Worm Geared DC Motor High Torque Low Speed DC Geared Motor