Cheap and Safety Corner Board Package Frame of Motors

Cheap and Safety Corner Board Package Frame of Motors

Item&colon Edgeboard&sol Edge Board&sol Edge Protector&solCorner Guard
Measurement&colon15&ast15mm-one hundred twenty&ast120mm
Thickness&colon one&period5-10mm
Coloration&colon brown&sol white&sol or customization
Operate&colon edge protector&semi side protector&sol vertical defense&sol house software protector&sol transportation defending

Packaging Programs&colon
Equipment Packaging
Window & CZPT Packaging
Make&sol Food Packaging
Home furniture Packaging
Converted Metal&sol Steel Packaging
Brick & Block Packaging
Interior Box Packaging
Pallet Packaging
Display Packaging
Lumber&sol Plywood Packaging

Corner board is produced from a number of levels of recycled paper which are laminated collectively and then formed into a rigid proper angle board that can be employed to stabilize and safeguard your product hundreds in the course of storage or shipment&time period

We can offer V corner board&commaedgeboard protector&commawrap all around corner board&commaU-profile corner board&commaboth equal side and unequal aspect edgeboards&period CZPTerization is CZPT&period of time

These multi helpful angle boards can offer&colon
Unitization – used in combination with extend movie or strapping&comma angle boards support preserve your solution loads tightly cubed&comma minimizing shifting that can trigger harm&period of time
Increased Stacking Toughness – angle boards positioned vertically will permit you to stack merchandise higher on the pallets and optimize your cube space when storing or shipping your item&interval
Strap Safety – the use of strapping aids to stabilize your load but can potentially lead to crushing hurt at the corners&period  Angle boards enable you to develop a buffer among the load and the strapping&comma decreasing the likelihood of merchandise hurt&time period
Edge Safety – with the hustle and bustle of every day operations&comma it is simple for merchandise hundreds to get damaged by materials handling gear for the duration of storage or transport&period  Angle boards will help to soak up make contact with manufactured at load corners by gear&interval
Benefits consist of&colon
Enhanced Shipping & Managing – allows a lot more item to be put on pallets&comma reducing handling fees and rising warehouse and transport area&period
Reduction in Product Damage – considerably less opportunity of merchandise getting crushed in the course of shipping and delivery and storage&interval
Elevated Load Stability – greatest strapping stress can be used CZPT crushing item&period
Increased Profits – decreased item harm implies considerably less rejection of  product by consumers&period of time
Lowered Pilferage – unitization of loads tends to make it harder to pilfer product&interval
Vertical & Horizontal Programs&colon
When making use of angle board for VERTICAL stacking energy&comma we recommend a two&period5″ x 2&period5″ x &period225 caliper board which is suitable for most solution loads&period of time
When employing angle board HORIZONTALLY across the top edge of a load&comma we recommend a two” x three” or two” x 4″ board with a three” or 4″ leg resting on the prime of the load which helps the angle board remain in area whilst you might be securing the stretch movie or strapping&interval
CZPTy application is various&period  These recommended applications are standard in the market but it is advised that we discuss your individual application&period
Imprinting Offered&colon
Angle boards can be custom printed with information these kinds of as your firm name&comma logo&comma website address&comma mobile phone number&comma dealing with instructions&comma and so forth&period which is a lower price way to boost and increase your solution and business awareness&interval

Advantages incorporate&colon
Reduction in Product Damage – considerably less possibility of product currently being crushed in the course of delivery and storage&time period
Enhanced Load Security – maximum strapping pressure can be utilised CZPT crushing merchandise&interval
Enhanced Transport & Dealing with – permits much more item to be positioned on pallets&comma reducing managing costs and rising warehouse and transport space&interval
Elevated Revenue – diminished product damage implies less rejection of  item by customers&period of time
Stronger than standard paper corner boards&interval
Can be utilized in damp or large humidity environments including refrigerated&solfrozen meals applications in which condensation is present&interval
Can be employed with nails&comma staples and screws&period of time
Durable and reusable&interval
Imprinting Accessible&colon
Corner Boards can be custom printed with information these kinds of as your firm title&comma brand&comma internet site deal with&comma cellphone amount&comma dealing with guidelines&comma etc&time period which is a low cost way to enhance and boost your merchandise and business awareness&interval
Corner Boards are ordered by leg size&comma caliper and duration and are priced by the foot&period
Corner Board Specs&colon
A – Leg Length A single – CZPT from 1&period5″ to three”
B – Leg Size Two – CZPT from one&period5″ to three”
C – Caliper – CZPT from &period100″ to &period250″
D – Duration – CZPT from 6″ to 240″

Measurement Thickness Excess weight MOQ Size Thickness Excess weight MOQ
&lparmm&rpar mm kg&solm m &lparmm&rpar mm kg&solm m
30&ast30 two &period090 15000 70&ast70 2 &period190 ten thousand
30&ast30 three &period125 15000 70&ast70 three &period280 10000
30&ast30 four &period160 15000 70&ast70 4 &period370 10000
thirty&ast30 five &period195 15000 70&ast70 five &period460 ten thousand
70&ast70 6 &period550 ten thousand
35&ast35 2 &period100 10000 70&ast70 7 &period640 10000
35&ast35 3 &period150 ten thousand
35&ast35 four &period200 ten thousand seventy five&ast75 two &period203 ten thousand
35&ast35 5 &period250 ten thousand 75&ast75 3 &period298 ten thousand
seventy five&ast75 four &period393 ten thousand
40&ast40 2 &period115 ten thousand seventy five&ast75 five &period490 ten thousand
40&ast40 three &period170 10000 75&ast75 six &period583 10000
forty&ast40 4 &period225 10000 seventy five&ast75 seven &period678 10000
forty&ast40 five &period280 10000
eighty&ast80 2 &period215 ten thousand
45&ast45 two &period130 ten thousand 80&ast80 3 &period315 ten thousand
45&ast45 three &period190 10000 80&ast80 4 &period415 ten thousand
45&ast45 4 &period250 ten thousand 80&ast80 five &period515 10000
45&ast45 five &period310 10000 80&ast80 6 &period615 10000
80&ast80 7 &period715 ten thousand
fifty&ast50 2 &period140 ten thousand
fifty&ast50 three &period210 10000 ninety&ast90 2 &period240 ten thousand
fifty&ast50 4 &period280 ten thousand ninety&ast90 3 &period350 ten thousand
fifty&ast50 5 &period350 ten thousand 90&ast90 four &period460 10000
50&ast50 six &period420 ten thousand ninety&ast90 5 &period570 10000
fifty&ast50 7 &period480 10000 ninety&ast90 6 &period680 ten thousand
90&ast90 seven &period790 10000
sixty&ast60 2 &period165 10000
sixty&ast60 3 &period250 10000 a hundred&ast100 2 &period270 ten thousand
sixty&ast60 4 &period335 ten thousand 100&ast100 three &period395 ten thousand
60&ast60 5 &period420 10000 a hundred&ast100 four &period520 10000
60&ast60 six &period505 10000 a hundred&ast100 five &period645 ten thousand
sixty&ast60 7 &period590 ten thousand one hundred&ast100 six &period770 ten thousand
one hundred&ast100 seven &period895 ten thousand

Cheap and Safety Corner Board Package Frame of Motors