Cold Rolling Mill Machine

Cold Rolling Mill Machine

Principal CZPT Parameters of the Device

  1. Rolling mill specification:F 1450/F 480/F400´ 1750mm
  2. Max rolling force: 22000 KN
  3. Max rolling torque:135 KN.m
  4. Max threading velocity: 30m/min
  5. Max uncoiling velocity: 650m/min
  6. Max rolling pace:1500m/min
  7. Uncoiling rigidity: eighty three KN
  8. Coiling stress: 200~20 KN  (I gear V<900  m/min)

                                    115~12  KN(II gear V≥900  m/min)

  1. Max coiling pace: 1550m/min
  2. Single side bending force of the operate roll(optimistic/adverse): 625/420  KN
  3. Single side bending force of the intermediate roll: 625 KN
  4. Transverse force of the intermediate roll: 720/380  KN
  5. Perform roll dimensions:   F400~F365´1750  mm

Material: Cr3 alloy forging steel
Surface area hardness: HS 90~95

  1. Intermediate roll size: F480~F440´1750  mm

Content: Cr3 alloy forging metal

Surface area hardness: HS seventy five~eighty

  1. Support roll dimension:F1450~F1330´1650 mm

Materials: Cr5 alloy forging steel

Surface hardness: HS 65~70

  1. Transverse interval of the intermediate roll: three hundred mm
  2. Max opening of the perform roll: 20  mm(new rolls)
  3. Coil mandrel diameter of the uncoiler:F560~F620  mm(entire circle F610 mm)
  4. Coil mandrel diameter of the coiler:  F595~F610  mm(total circle F610 mm)
  5. Centering shifting selection of the uncoiler: ±100 mm
  6. Straightener lower pinch roll diameter:F400 mm
  7. Turing roll diameter: F500  mm
  8. Rolling line elevation: +1000  mm
  9. Rolling line elevation adjustment length: 200  mm
  10. Accurate halting: ≤150  mm
  11. CPC centering manage precision: ±1  mm
  12. Housing segment: 75cm×65cm=4875cm2
  13. Processing lubrication circulation: 12000  L/min
  14. CZPT program operating stress: 

CZPT hydraulic travel: 12  Mpa
Equilibrium, bending roll, transverse relocating:  21  MPa
Screw up system force: 25  Mpa

  1. Device travel route:                 Left aspect of blooming pass strip heading route
  2. Installed ability of electrical appliances of device and mechanical gear

DC:     Main motor:1500KW, 4 sets
Entry/exit coiling motor: 1500KW, 2 sets for every
Uncoiling motor: 900KW, 1 set
Installed ability: 1500KWx4+1500KWx4+900KW=12900 KW
AC: ≈1000  KW

  1. Max lifting portion fat: ≈55  t(decrease assistance roll)
  2. Max mounting components fat:≈100  t(housing)
  3. Define dimension of the Unit (size x width x height): ≈23x32x11  m  


Cold Rolling Mill Machine