Competitive 60W 90mm AC Induction Gear Motor

Competitive 60W 90mm AC Induction Gear Motor

 6W~180W mini electrical motor, AC motor


CZPTly, Micro Induction Motor refers to the motor rotated by the induction. Induction Motor relies on capacitor and electromagnetism when beginning and rotating. Even though its starting up torque is not really substantial, it has a simple structure, higher effectiveness and can rotate continue.


The datasheet is only for 60W AC Motor’s info as reference.
The Power 6W~25W, 40W~180W is also can be offered.
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MOTOR SPECS/Steady Ranking

Product Output electrical power
CZPTting Torque
Rated Torque
Rated Velocity
Lead Wire Type Terminal Box Kind
GS5IK60GN-AF GS5IK60GN-AFT sixty 1ph100 50 one 320 470 1250 20
sixty 1.1 380 1550
GS5IK60GN-EF GS5IK60GN-EFT sixty 1ph110 60 .8 300 380 1550 12
1ph120 .85
GS5IK60GN-CF GS5IK60GN-CFT sixty 1ph220 fifty .five 340 470 1250 four
1ph230 .55
GS5IK60GN-HF GS5IK60GN-HFT sixty 1ph220 60 .five 340 380 1550
1ph230 .fifty five
GS5IK60GN-SF GS5IK60GN-SFT sixty 3ph220 fifty .45 one thousand 470 1250
60 .4 800 380 1550

GEARBOX /Allowance Torque Device: Upside (N.m)/ Belowside (

Sort Motor/Gearhead Equipment Ratio 3 3.six five 6 7.5 9 twelve.5 15 18 25 30 36 fifty 60 seventy five 90 a hundred one hundred twenty one hundred fifty a hundred and eighty 200
Speed      r/min 50Hz 500 417 three hundred 250 200 166 120 a hundred 83 sixty fifty 41 30 twenty five 20 16 15 13 10 eight.3 seven.5
60Hz 600 five hundred 360 three hundred 240 two hundred one hundred forty four 120 a hundred seventy two sixty fifty 36 thirty 24 twenty 18 fifteen twelve 10 9
GS5IK60GN-AF GS5IK60GN-EFGS5IK60GN-CFGS5IK60GN-HF GS5IK60GN-SF 5GNK 50Hz 1.4 1.nine 2.3 two.9 three.4 4.8 six.eight 8.six ten ten ten ten 10 ten ten 10 ten 10 10
eleven 14 19.three 23.4 29.six 34.7 48.nine 58.1 sixty nine.three 87.7 one hundred a hundred 100 one hundred a hundred one hundred a hundred one hundred a hundred one hundred 100
60Hz .9 1.5 one.eight 2.three two.eight 3.eight 4.6 five.five six.nine 8.three 10 10 ten 10 10 ten 10 ten ten ten
9.4 eleven 15.3 eighteen.three 23.4 28.5 46.nine 56.1 84.7 100 one hundred 100 100 one hundred 100 100 a hundred 100 a hundred

Motor voltage, energy and pace will be CZPT according to your request under the permitted circumstance of adoptable dimension.

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Competitive 60W 90mm AC Induction Gear Motor