Customize Programmable High Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Laboratory Test Equipment

Customize Programmable High Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Laboratory Test Equipment

CZPTize Programmable Large Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Laboratory Check Tools

The tensile tests equipment also known as a materials testing machine , is applicable to testing tensile stress , compressive pressure , shearing pressure , peeling pressure , and elongation of supplies , components , and finished item for metal , plastic , rubber , textile , synthetic chemicals , wire and cable , leather , ect.

Test normal:
GB/T1040 GB/T1042 ASTM D638 ASTM D790  ISO 178 ISO 527 DIN fifty three-504 DIN 53-452 And many others.
(Incorporate but not limitied belove)
STHangCZPTRD Characteristics

Merchandise Description
Max. Power 2000 kg (20KN)
Load mobile Germany model load mobile for high precision
Manage method Laptop with home windows 7 method
Motor Panasonic servo motor w/ DC variable pace push system, higher-precision mechanical ball screw rod
Power studying kgf, Ibf, N, KN, T and so on
Stoke 1200mm such as fixture
Load mobile Resolution 1/250,000
Load Precision ≤0.5%
Take a look at pace .1~500mm/min (adjustable by Pc)
Check width ≤400mm
Software TM 2101
Curves screen Load- elongation, Elongation-time, Time-elongation, Pressure-strain
Knowledge screen Max. power, speed, sample info, energy(Kpa, Mpa, N/mm, N/mm2) etc…
Security attributes E-Stop
In excess of-load security
Higher and decrease restrict switches
Load sensor with computerized retreat


ASTM B565 Shear Aluminum Products Test Tools
ASTM C273 Shear – Sandwich Materials – Flatwise Test Gear
ASTM D1002 Lap Shear Testing for Adhesively Bonded Metals
ASTM D3163 Lap Shear Rigid CZPT Examination Equipment
ASTM D3164 Lap-Shear Sandwich Testing Device
ASTM D3528 Stress Toughness of CZPT Lap Shear Adhesive Joints
ASTM D4255 In-Plane Rail Shear of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials
ASTM D5868 Lap Shear Adhesion CZPT Bonding
ASTM D732 Shear Punch Check Products for CZPTs
ASTM D905 Wood Adhesive Bonds in Shear by Compression Loading
ASTM E229 Shear Power Tests of Structural Ashesives
ISO 13445 Block-Shear Approach for Shear Strength of Adhesive Bonds between Rigid Substrates
ISO 4587 Tensile Lap-Shear Strength of Rigid-to-Rigid Bonded Assemblies

Packaging & Shipping:
Simulation Animatronic CZPTer Triceratops are coated with air bubble film just before set them into the picket circumstance, which not only has very good shock absorption, influence resistance, heat sealing and also has the rewards of nontoxic, odorless, dampness corrosion, good transparency etc.

Our Services:
If you experience any problems in long term in the course of screening method we assure we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution supply within 3 doing work days. We can offer procedure video clip and English procedure muanual. We can offer video clip-conference. If clients need on-internet site support, the transport and journey cost shall be borne by buyer.

Customize Programmable High Precision Servo Motor Wire Tensile Laboratory Test Equipment