Mud Motor Downhole Motor for Sale

Mud Motor Downhole Motor for Sale



Our mud motor are widely utilized in oil discipline and mine directional properly and horizontal effectively, cluster Wells and vertical Wells, drilling, deflecting, adjusting azimuth, coring, reaming, facet monitoring and workover remedy, and also applied in some unique functions as compound drilling and traversing, and so forth.

Specifications : 
We can generate collection of downhole motors in distinct measurements, as Φ57(21/4″),Φ73(23/4″),Φ89(31/two”),Φ95(33/four”),Φ120(forty three/four”),Φ127(five”),Φ165(sixty one/2″),Φ172(63/4″),Φ178(7″),Φ185(71/4″),Φ197(73/four”),Φ203(8″),Φ216(eighty one/two”),Φ244(ninety five/eight”), etc.

A Range of Varieties & the Capabilities In accordance with the actual drilling demands, we push out high, midiem and lower speed  downhole motors, of a range of kinds with different purposeful configuration and application for all doing work circumstances.

1. CZPT type CZPT motor, mud lubricating transmission shaft, straight, solitary and double bent.

2. Long type The torque is enhanced by 30%to 60%than normal types, mud lubricating transmission shaft, straight, single and double bent.

3. High stream price type The adoption of hollow rotor and various sizes of challenging alloy jet nozzle to increase the incoming flow and little bit power.

four.Substantial deflection type The distinctive framework design makes the general length shorter and bent housing closer to the bit, deflection rate reach up to 1/m, so as to hold very good doing work conditions.

5. High temperature resistance type The motor stator is created of exceptional top quality higher temperature resistant rubber, which enables the motor to complete stably in the substantial temperature problem.

six. Oil-sealed transmission shaft type It improves the working issue of thrust bearing and radial bearing, and raises the daily life span of every single single vacation.

7. Bend angle adjustable type We equip the motors with adjustable bend housing in different sorts and sizes, and by way of which prior to dropping we can alter the bend angle.


Mud Motor Downhole Motor for Sale