8 Color Flexographic Printing Machine for Plastic

8 Color Flexographic Printing Machine for Plastic

HangCZPT Changhong Printing CZPT Co&period&commaLtd  is a expert maker Of Kinds Printing Equipment&comma like non woven cloth &commapaper &commaplastic movie&commapp woven bag printing machine  and other related products&periodFor providing greater providers&comma we have productively invented CI flexo printing machine to cope with total variety of flexo printing equipment requires&period 
We Have Numerous Varieties Printing Machines&comma Standard Speed Printing Machine 50 Meter&solmin &comma Middle Speed 80Meter&solmin and increased velocity Printing Machine which More than 150METER&solMIN

Machine dimensions&colon CZPT measurement&colon 600-1200mm
also we can make 1500mm&comma 1800m&comma2000mm&comma 2400mm &comma 3200mm &interval
Offer your details &comma Make machines only belongs to you &period of time

1&rpar Good Top quality &comma Effectively and timely Support&comma Competitive Price
two&rpar Certification &colon CE Certification
three&rpar 1 Calendar year Warranty For Free&comma Lengthy Existence Provider &interval
4&rpar Pressure Controller&comma EPC &commaCeramic Rollers&commaDoctor Blade
five&rpar ZheJiang Motors
6&rpar synchronous belt drive alternatively of equipment push

Unwind System —- Edge Position Controller —-Flexographic Printing Machine—-Dry System—-Automatic

one&period Take it easy&comma accurate color&comma long life&period of time
two&period Use motors&comma variable frequency speed control&comma saving electricity&comma small running fluctuations&interval
3&period Off printing roll automatic stop the ink-running motor&comma and up-printing roll automatic start running the ink&time period
four&period Use special diagonal-tooth gear&comma accurate printing size&interval
5&period Two sets of heating devices&comma including central heating and constant temperature control system for group control&period
6&period Lowroller special steel processing&comma and special process&comma and plating thickness of 0&period1mm protective layer of hard chromium&period
7 Alloy roll with hard oxidation&comma treating by dynamic balance&comma static balanced&time period
8 With cold wind bellows&comma and can effectively prevent produce with ink adhesion after printing
nine&period Print produce are clear and good arrangement quality&interval
10&period CZPT&colon NSK&comma Japan Brand&comma Germany ASNU aluminum alloy roll

III&periodMain parts of printing machine

one&rparAutomatic stress management and magnetic power     
2&rparWith EPC  

3&rparAir shaft     
4&rparCylinder stator  

five&rparAuto Loading

six&rparPanasonic Inverter

seven&rparSchneider Swtiches  

eight&rparChint Relay

nine&rparChromed Cylinder


Model Cj888-600&comma cj888-800&comma cj888-1000&comma cj888-1200 and so on&period
Machine Colors 8 Hues
Max&period printing material width 650mm  &lpar up to 1650mm&comma depends on shopper&rpar
Max&period printing width 560mm &lpar up to 1550mm&comma is dependent on shopper&rpar
Printing material OPP&colon20~70μm&commaBOPP&colon18~60μm&commaPE&colon35~100μm&comma
paper&colon 20~100g&solm2
Printing length&lparrepeat&rpar seven&period5″~40″&lpar190mm~1000mm&rpar&sol7&period5″~fifty”&lpar190mm~1270mm&rpar
Max&period Mechanical speed 90m&solmin
Max&period Printing speed thirty-60m&solmin
Register precision Longitude&colon&pm0&period25mm&semi  Transverse&colon&pm0&period25mm
Press power Mechanic control
CZPT motor power 3&period7kw&commaZheJiang
Machine power 35kw
Outline size 5&period4m×2&period0m×3&period6m
Energy&colon 440V&sol380V&sol220V&comma50&sol60Hz
Rewind&solUnwind DIA Φ800mm-1000mm
Unwind way Center unwind&comma By air shaft &comma with 10kg magnetic 1 pcs
EPC system&colon  Edge Position Controller for unwind 1 Pcs
Tension system  Automatic tension control for unwind 1PCS 
Unwinding loading way By air shaft &comma 1 pcs 
Unwind web cylinder Φ76mm &lparinner diameter&rpar
Printing plate lifting system Automatic CZPT cylinder control printing roll up and down 
Anilox roll amd Inking way 3 standards of machine&colon
1&period CZPT machine&colon metal anilxo roll &lpar100-400PLI&rpar
two&period High quality&colon ceramic anilox roller &lpar100-1000lpi&rpar&comma single doctor blade&comma one diaphragm pump
3&period High speed machine&colonceramic anilox roller &lpar100-1000lpi&rpar&comma Chamber doctor blade for 30-150m&solmin
Inking motor deceleration motor&comma60w
Drying model CZPT heating 
Drying power 26 kw
Air blower &lparlarge&rpar &period95kw &sol 6 pcs
Air blower &lparsmall&rpar 75w &sol 16 pcs
Rewind way Center rewind&comma By air shaft &comma with 5kg magnetic 1 pcs
Tension system Full automatic tension control for rewind 1PCS 
Rewinding unloading way By air shaft &comma 1 pcs
Rewind web cylinder Φ76mm &lparinner diameter&rpar
Rewind material unload way By Manual 


8 Color Flexographic Printing Machine for Plastic